Underground Wires and Rocket Signals.

Issue 37 and Volume 1894 15.

Underground Wires and Rocket Signals. Nothing is more vitally necessary to a fire department than a prompt, efficient and absolutely reliable telegraph system. It is, as it were, the nerves of the body without which the department proper, which may be compared to the muscles, cannot perform its functions definitely or satisfactorily. Anything, therefore, that interferes with this system paralyzes for a time the entire department. There is always the danger from storms, where wind may blow down a portion of the line, or cause the crossing of wires with those carrying a heavier current, or lightning may strike poles or wires, carrying destruction to the boxes or other valuable machinery in its path. Then there is the danger, as was the case on July 19th in Baltimore, of fire penetrating the central office and rendering the entire system useless. I have no doubt many of you are familiar with…

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