Between Fire and Water.

Issue 37 and Volume 1894 15.

Between Fire and Water. THE recent forest fires in Minnesota were the worst, perhaps ever known on this continent. The cause of the fires has been attributed to Beila’s comet but of this the learned men will inform us later. Mr. James E. Lobdell of St. Paul was a passenger on the ill-fated Duluth limited, burned at Skunk Lake by the same fire which destroyed Hinckley and caused such a fearful loss of life in northern Minnesota. To Mr. Lobdell and two brave companions, Mr. Holt of Duluth and Mr. Anderson of Minneapolis, are due more than ordinary commendation. It was an awful journey through the night of smoke and flame, and Mr. Lobdell’s description of it pictures a fearful experience. “I hope to never see such sights again,” Mr. Lobdell said. “We had no intimation of fire until Hinckley was reached. The smoke was heavy all day in Duluth,…

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