Pacific Coast News.

Issue 37 and Volume 1894 15.

Pacific Coast News. FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT. The forest fires caused a great deal of damage throughout the entire coast. Washington, Oregon and British Columbia suffered severely. In the Kootenay Country, British Columbia, two towns were swept out of existence. Fortunately no lives were lost. Whatcom a new city on Puget Sound, lost a number of buildings on the outskirts and in numerous places mills erected near the standing timber were entirely destroyed. The smoke from burning forests rendered navigation difficult. Puget sound seemed to be full of vessels ringing bells and blowing whistles. The rainfall during August was light and all cities in the vicinity of the woods were endangered. To estimate the losses sustained would be impossible. Chief Hunt, of Seattle, Washington, is out on bail awaiting the pleasure of his accusers. The trouble originated two years ago when Hunt succeeded Gardner Kellogg. The latter claims that Hunt…

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