The Water Service and Fire Protection of Theatres.

Issue 41 and Volume 1894 15.

The Water Service and Fire Protection of Theatres. (Continued from last week.) 6.FIRE STANDPIPES. At suitable points, in the four sub-divisions of a theatre, fire standpipes, with fire valves and hose attached, should be placed. The largest number of fire valves is required on or about the various levels of the stage where a fire is most likely to break out. There should also be fire standpipes in the auditorium, in the corridor and lobbies, and near the dressing rooms, and they should be so distributed that the remotest corner can be reached by the fire hose street outlet. The number of standpipes required and their position depend, therefore, upon the size and area of the theatre and upon the length of the fire hose attached to the fire valves. The New York City Building Law requires that one standpipe be provided on each side of the stage, with outlets…

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