The Eastman Perfection and Deluge Nozzle.

Issue 46 and Volume 1894 15.

The Eastman Perfection and Deluge Nozzle. We present in this issue an illustration of the exhibitions given August 17, in Montreal, Canada, by the Perfection and Deluge Nozzles, manufactured by Samuel Eastman & Company of East Concord, N. H. The exhibition was given during the convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers. The illustation shows the nozzle throwing a 2-inch deluge stream from one hydrant, gravity pressure, against a strong cross wind. The stream was thrown 334 feet, which is said to be the longest distance from one hydrant on record. The exhibition was given opposite the Windsor Hotel and the Three-way Deluge Set was used. Chief Sullivan, of the San Francisco, Cal., Fire Department, wants larger water mains laid in certain streets in that city, as those now in use are said to be too small. Certain citizens of Los Gatos, Cal., have asked to be allowed to…

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