Wells and Subterranean Water Supply.

Issue 46 and Volume 1894 15.

Wells and Subterranean Water Supply. The writer promised to prepare only a paper on the well plant recently constructed for the New Utrecht Water Supply Co., knowing the very limited time at his disposal, owing to a number of large plants on which final estimates and bids had to be prepared, and which allowed only some twenty-four hours for this purpose. Imagine his dismay when advised by a fellow member that his subject had been enlarged to the almost limitless one of “ Wells and Water Supply,” thanks to the zeal and enthusiasm of our ardent and beloved secretary. That is a question which we all well know could be treated by volumes of interesting matter and deserves a more able and learned exponent than your humble servant. The question, however, is of primary and most vital importance to all interested ir. water works in any department. The supply is,…

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