Issue 46 and Volume 1894 15.

FIRE NEWS The fire department of Concord, N. H., has been reorganized. Tuesday of last week the city authorities, acting on a report of a committee appointed to inquire into the matter, passed an ordinance directing the reorganization. Under the new system there will be a permanent chief engineer, who will receive a salary of $1,200; two call assistants, salary as now, $1,000; three permanent men at the central fire station, salary each, $14 per week; one permanent man at the North end and one at the South end houses, salary $600 per year; companies to be reorganized on the basis of 10 men and driver for hose, 12 men and driver for engine, 15 men and driver for hook and ladder; payof firemen increased from $60 to $80 a year. The chief engineer is to appoint the commanding officers of the different companies, to have a check on the…

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