Theatre Fire Catastrophes and their Prevention.

Issue 47 and Volume 1894 15.

Theatre Fire Catastrophes and their Prevention. (Continued from last week.) Recent analytical studies of the question have elicited the fact that there are two periods in the life of a theatre building when they are most endangered or subject to destruction by fire, namely one from the time of its construction up to and including the first five years, and the second period after the theStre has been opened from forty to fifty years. This may be explained first by the fact that in a new theatre the safety appliances, the arrangements for lighting, the scene hoisting devices,the fire protection appliances,are rarely in perfect working order, and the theatre employees have not as yet become accustomed to handling them and are likewise unfamiliar with the rules of management. The second period of renewed danger is explained by the fact that after the number of years quoted above, much of the…

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