Truth in Season.

Issue 2 and Volume 1895 16.

Truth in Season. UNDER the above heading the New York Sun last week commented editorially on the New York Fire Department, paying a well deserved tribute to that magnificent orginization. The Sun said: “One of the departments of the municipal government of this city, the business management and methods of which are constantly under public inspection, is the fire department. Do the conduct and the work of it meet with the approval of the community? Ask the fire and life insurance companies, the property owners, the mayor’s office, the two political parties, the citizens whose household effects it has saved, and the people at large, including those who have seen its engines on the fly, or its brave men at work on a conflagration. We occasionally see a company of the fire department sweep past the Sun office, upon duty bent; and there is not a spectacle more worthy of…

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