Typhoid Fever and the Ironwood Epidemic.

Issue 2 and Volume 1895 16.

Typhoid Fever and the Ironwood Epidemic. (Continued from last week.) Railroad surveys show that Pine Lake has an elevation of 170 feel above the station in the center of Ironwood, and this is ample to convey the water of the lake to town by gravity flow. The stream, from the lake to Ironwood, flows rapidly, and, except for local pollution, the quality of the water when it reaches town should be fully as good as when it left the lake. Indeed, if there is anything in the theory of the self-purification of streams, the water ought to be better after its journey. This was proved to be the case. Samples of the water from the lake, and from the river at the point where it is proposed to locate a new intake pipe, were sent to I’rof. Vaughn for analysis, and he reported that the quality of the river water…

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