Issue 3 and Volume 1895 16.

WELLS S, H. Finley, city engineer, Santa Ana, Cal., writes us that the city has recently drilled an additional ten-inch artesian well at the public water works to meet the increasing demand for water, and that a large flow was obtained at a depth of 340 feet. At Wessington Springs, N. D., J. H. Schultz recently finished a 2 1/2-inch artesian well on his farm that flows 12,402 barrels of water per day. Several other wells will be put down in this county before spring for irrigation puess.por 0. Victinghoff, Fire Marshall, Spring Valley, 111., writes us that an artesian well is being drilled at that place, after completion of which many lines of pipe will be laid and the department better equipped. The Bouton Water Co., Dong Beach, Cal., has contracted with Fred Holbrook, l.os Angeles, to lay 16,400 feet of pipe from the company’s artesian well, four miles…

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