Issue 3 and Volume 1895 16.

FIRE NEWS In another place appears a notice of the report of Chief Joyner of Atlanta, Ga. An extended synopsis of the document is given as it is well worthy all the space that we can devote to it. For completeness of detail and care in preparation it is one of the best reports we have ever received in this office. The benefit performance last Thursday in aid of the families of Battalion Chief John J. Bresnan and Assistant Foreman John L. Rooney, who were recently killed in the performance of their duty, was a splendid success, as it should be. It is seldom that a benefit performance more worthy of support is given in this city. Both men had exceptionally good records, but Chief Bresnan had peculiar claims on both playgoers and playfolk, because the constant solicitude for the safety of theatres which he showed during the thirty odd…

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