Typhoid Fever and Drinking Water.

Issue 4 and Volume 1895 16.

Typhoid Fever and Drinking Water. JOHN W. HILL, C.E. ANY city or community which has typhoid fever, whether epidemic or sporadic, can safely charge the disease to infection from a polluted water supply. It may be that the local water supply is infected or the water used in connection with dairy operations or in the preparation of articles of diet which are eaten uncooked, but in all cases a source of water supply infected by the bacillus will be found at the root of the disease. The water supply of a certain city may be free from the typhoid bacillus, and at the same time the disease be pervalent in such city. In such case, if a careful examination of the drinking water supplied to the people of such city demonstrates the absence of the typhoid bacillus, then it will be found to have been brought into the city through…

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