Issue 4 and Volume 1895 16.

FIRE AND WATER. THE city of New York will be the possessor of nearly three hundred acres more land as soon as Judge Dykman, of White Plains, appoints the ‘Commissioners of Appraisal for the property required by the new Jerome Park reservoir. The aqueduct commissioners have gone through all the preliminaries towards acquiring the site, and soon they will be giving out the contract to build the reservoir. Bids will be advertised for, probably by the end of the present month, and the successful bidder will lie allowed five years in which to complete he job. It is a little early yet to say what the cost will be, hut a rough est imate has placed it at $8,500,000. It has been thought that’the land will cost about $8,000,000. All the work to be done on the aqueduct will be given as one contract, the magnitude of which will, of…

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