The Filtration of Public Water Supplies.

Issue 5 and Volume 1895 16.

The Filtration of Public Water Supplies. IN the paper on the water supply of Philadelphia, read here two years ago. I referred to the beneficial effects on water by storage and filtration. So rapid has been the progress in this field that even in the brief interval a great deal of additional matter tending towards exactness has been developed. propose this evening to explain briefly, and to illustrate practical methods of waterpurification, methods which have been carried out on so large a scale as to leave no .doubt of their entire applicability to exlisting engineering problems in this field. Methods of filtration are quite numerous. They may be for purposes of consideration here arranged under two heads: those in which the water is subjected to some preliminary treatment by which more or less of a coaguluin or precipitate is formed, which is subsequently entangled in the filtering material and by…

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