A Practical Device for a Chief’s Wagon.

Issue 5 and Volume 1895 16.

A Practical Device for a Chief’s Wagon. The following letter from Chief Marjenhoff of the Charleston, S. C., Fire Department will be of interest to our readers, and, with the accompanying illustration, will suggest a novel and useful device for the use of fire chiefs. Chief Marjenhoff says: EDITOR FIRE AND WATER: I see in the issue of January 5, that Richmond, Va., has furnished its chiefs with fire extinguishers for their buggies. As the value of this apparatus in cities of such size that the chief isexpected to attend every fire, seems not to have been properly recognized heretofore, it may be for general benefit for some who are thus equipped to give their experience. While corresponding with several chiefs last January with a view to obtaining a design for a fire department chief’s buggy, Friend Joyner of Atlanta sent me a sketch of his, and I saw a…

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