Issue 5 and Volume 1895 16.

SEWERAGE Plans made by Wm. B. Landreth, Civil Engineer, for sewer extensions in the village of Tonawanda, N. Y., were approved by the State Board of Health Dec. 28, and have been adopted by the Sewer Com missioners. A vote will be taken by the taxpayers as soon as possible under the law, and if passed the work will begin in the spring. The sewage w’ill be pumped from five miles of separate sew’ers by two Shone ejectors into the present sew’ers, which were designed and built by Mr. Landreth five years ago. Tne estimated cost of the sewers, ejectors, ejector station andl 1-2 miles of combined sew’ers, is $35,000. The Board Trade of -Washington, D. C., is agitating the necessity of the extension and development of the system and the best method of disposing of the sew’erage, and will report recommendations to the district commissioners. Bids have been opened…

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