Metropolitan Water Supply.

Issue 8 and Volume 1895 16.

Metropolitan Water Supply. BOSTON AND ADJOINING PLACES TO RAVE A NEW SYSTEM. THE following is a full summary of the report of the State Board of Health of Massachusetts on the proposed new supply for Boston and surrounding places. Within a radius of ten miles from the State House. The water works of Boston now supply nearly I seventy-five per cent, of all ’ the water used in the Metropolitan district. The i daily average consumption of those cities and towns, receiving water from the Boston works, was ninety-nine gallons in 1893, and the average of the entire district now under consideration was, for the same year, eighty-three gallons. It seems to be generally true that the nearer we approach thecentresof population, the greater becomes the use of water, and with the inevitable growth of Boston and its suburbs, it does not appear to us wise to calculate upon a…

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