Issue 8 and Volume 1895 16.

FIRE AND WATER IN the last issue of FIRE AND WATER appears the first portion of a paper on “ Steel and Cast Iron Conduits ” in reference to which is made the following explanation. It was an extract from a report made in April. 1894, by I. M. de Varona, M. Am. Soc C. E. and Engineer of Water Supply of the Depart ment of City Works, Brooklyn,on the conduit which forms an important part of the additional works for the extension of the city supply and with particular reference to the use of cast iron or rivetted pipe. The report was not intended to be scientific or exhaustive, but simply to cover, according to the instructions the engineer received, sufficient ground for the case in point, and will be included in the forthcoming annual of the Department of City Works. Peter Milne, secretary of the American Water Works…

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