Principal Fires of the Week.

Issue 8 and Volume 1895 16.

Principal Fires of the Week. RAILWAY DEPOT. St. Joseph, Mo.; Union Railway Company. L. $250,000; I, $40,000. BUSINESS, Harrisburg, Pa.; Clarennce M. Bush. L, $100,000. BUSINESS, Rutland, Vt.; Pollard Bros. L, $20,000. BUSINESS, Rockford, Ill.; Frank Burnham. L, $50,000. FACTORY, Rockford. Ill.; Mr. Ulyrici. L, $50,000. FACTORY, Elwood, Ill.; Tho Elwood P.aning Mill Co. L, $50,000. BUSINESS, Ottawa, Kan.: Clark Bros. L, $75,000. FACTORY, Kansas City, Mo.; The Creamery Pa* king Co. L, $20,000. FACTORY, Parkersburg, W. Va.: The Logan Carriage Company. L, $9,000. SCHOOL, Utica, N. Y.; the Albany street school. L. $5,000. DWELLING, New Berne, N. C.; Henry R. Bryan. L, $0,500. BUSINESS, Brookline, Mass.; the Boston Clothing Company. L, $80,000. BUSINESS AND DWELLINGS, McComb, O. L, $12,000. BUSINESS, Bluefleld, W. Va. L, $40,000; I, $14,⅛50. MANUFACTURING PLANT, Worcester, Mass.; the Snell Mattnacturing Co. L, $35,000. HOTEL, Brown’s Mill, N. J.; the Forest Springs Hotel Co. L, $150,000.…

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