Issue 14 and Volume 1895 16.

REPORTS. TAUNTON, MASS. The nineteenth annual report of the water commissioners shows that 1.43 miles of pipe have been laid to close dead ends, making a total of 70.47 miles now down. Other extensions include the replacement of considerable small pipe by larger sizes, the whole making a total of 2.49 miles of pipe laid during the year. Service pipes have been extended 1.03 miles, bringing the total up to 36.24 , miles. Other improvements include twenty-three hydrants, total 681; fourteen stop gates, total 466; seven blow offs, total forty-two; and 122 services. The books show 3,872 applications for service, of which 100 have been discontinued permanently, seven are for fire purposes only, fourteen remain to be put in, leaving 3,751 to actually furnish revenue, of which sixty-eight are temporarily cut off. Eighty meters have been added, bringing the total up to 1,310 and of the services now in use…

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