Issue 14 and Volume 1895 16.

WATER SUPPLY Butte, Mont., has one of the biggest dams in the world in process of construction. It is now fifty-six feet high and about one-quarter of the work is finished; the present capacity is 50,000,000 gallons, while the work planned for this summer will raise it to a height of eighty feet. When completed it will be 120 feet high and have a storage capacity of one billion gallons. The construction lias proved a greater undertaking than was anticipated, even by the engineers, and the general public has almost no comprehension of its magnitude. The total expenditure, according to Superintendent Carroll’s latest report, is $1,500,000, over $000,000 of which has been for labor. Last year $100,000 was expended and the dam was raised twenty feet and two new pumps were added. By the way, Superintendent Carroll came East last week on ids wedding trip, but will combine business with…

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