Issue 15 and Volume 1895 16.

CLEVELAND, O. Supt. Kingsley of the water works has submitted his annual report, which proves that all previous extension records have been broken. More than $300,000 has been invested in pipe extension, and plans have been made for an expenditure fully as great in 1895. There are 367 miles of pipe in the streets of Cleveland to-day. The net earnings since 1856, when the plant was established, aggregate $5,270,726; gross receipts, $7,521,226; operating expenses, $1,866,764. The department property Is valued at $7,088,. 486. Thore are 47,654 connections. The daily consumption of water in 1895 is estimated at 54,000,000 gallons; 1896, 62,000,000, with a maximum consumption in hot weather of over 90,000,000 gallons daily. In 1857 the average consumption per consumer was 110 gallons daily. In 1881 it was 162 gallons, and in 1893, 157 gallons. In 1894, 112 gallons of water were pumped daily for every inhabitant of the city.

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