Issue 18 and Volume 1895 16.

CLOGGED WATER PIPES. The sanitary plumber gives the following example of a dogged water pipe which merely Illustrates what may happen: “Arriving at the dwelling containing the troublesome closet, I went in and uncoupled the supply coupling at the valve, and with the water off bowed through the pipe. Judging from the ease with which the air passed through the pipe, it seemed that the supply pipe was not fault and the plumber assured me that he had blown through it himself long before. Nevertheless 1 produced a small pocket mirror and directed a light to the interior of the coupling and pipe; there in an instant’s glance 1 detected the cause of the failure. In making the joint which joined the valve coupling to the supply pipe, solder had run through and half filled the Imre of the pipe. As the couplings for these pipes are large, this would…

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