Issue 18 and Volume 1895 16.

NEW YORK FLAT FIRES. The discussion that has arisen over the recent serious flat fires in the upper West Side residence district has been lively and forcible. It has been the opportunity of cranks and everybody with a theory. Henry B. Dwight in along article in the Commercial Bulletin sums up the matter in this way: “The evidence left by the fires clearly indicates that they were started by incendiaries, and brings us to the question, How can this danger be stopped at once?” The great increase in the number of people who live and sleep in apartment houses of this class renders some radical change imperative. First—Basements should not be accessible to outsiders; the method of having one janitor for a row of buildings, with his rooms in one, and all the other basements left open, so delivery men and others can come and go at pleasure, is all…

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