Issue 18 and Volume 1895 16.

REPORTS. ALBANY, N. Y. Chief M. E. Higgins, of the Albany, N. Y., Fire Department, has presented the seventy seventh annual report to the fire commissioners. It embodies a complete outline of the work of the past year, receipts and disbursements, the fires and valuation of property destroyed, and considerable miscellaneous matter, including the rules of the department. The total receipts were $140,247, and disbursements $108,360, and the balance for maintenance to January 1, 1895, $23,917. Considerable improvement was made in some of the buildings, an exercising wagon was built, and 5,000 feet of hose was purchased. The department telephones were destroyed by fire, necessitating rebuilding the system. In the new system all modern appliances are incorporated, making a complete system of telephonic communication. Each station is tested daily by an inspector employed by the telephone company, and any defects found in the machinery, appliances and connections are to be…

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