Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

BROOKLYN WATER DELINQUINTS. Brooklyn, N. Y., has suffered from illegal connections and consequent unreported use of water for several years, and not until Peter Milne, us purveyor and Maj. Augustus Tate, as registrar assumed control were the violators brought to terms. During the past year over $150,000 has been added to the rates in a total of $2,000,000, an accretion far in excess of the ordinary growth of the service. The bills for the year beginning May 1st are now being paid,and many are the complaints where long forgotten additions are charged for. In some cases therecord fora vacant lot has had to be changed to that for a house, the building of which had never been reported. A resurvey of the whole city is now being made and already some 15,000 or 10,000 inspections have been made out of a possible 80,000 or over. Eight inspectors belonging to Purveyor…

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