Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

WATER SUPPLY AND PIPE DISTRIBUTION. (Continued from last week.) If the subsidiary pipe relied upon is six inches in diameter and supplied at both ends, the fire supply at each end would be forty cubic feet, or 300 gallons, per minute, or a total for both ends of eighty cubic feet, or 600 gallons per minute, with the water flowing at a velocity of three and one-half feet per second and a loss of frictional head of nine feet, or four pounds per thousand feet of length. In case the water is to be taken from one end of the pipe only, it would be better to have the pipe eight inches in diameter. This would secure about the same discharge, 640 gallons per minute at the same velocity, and with no greater los9 of fricional head, viz., nine feet or four pounds per square inch. All of these figures…

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