Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

PHILADELPHIA’S WATER. Dr. Sonera Egbert contributes an article to the New Jersey Forester upon the proposition to draw upon New Jersey for Philadelphia’s now supply from which the following is taken: In 1894 Philadelphia consumed daily 198,718,747 gallons of water, and average of 186 gallons daily for every man and woman and child. The population ir.creased 28.88 per cent, between 1880 and 1890. At that r te the population in 1010, only fifteen years from the present time, will be 1,598,888. if the Delaware channel and the water front are improved the rate of growth will probably be much greater. Hut it is certain that in 1910 a daily supply of 240,482,800 gallons will be required. That amount of filtered water ran hardly be obtain from the Schuylkill without very extensive filter beds and very extensive storage reservoirs. The waste of water that is sometimes complained of is not a…

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