Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

PAPERS TO BE READ AT CONVENTION. “Cost of Pumping Water for Cities, Towns and Villages.” Samuel G. Artingstall, city engineer, Chicago, Ill. “The future Water Supply for inland Cities and Towns.” Isaac B. Potts, mechanical engineer, Columbus, Ohio. “Practical Experience with a Water Meter.” J. B. New hall, superintendent Water Works, Stapleton, Staten Island, N. Y. “Cast Iron versus Wrought Iron or Steel Pipe.” P. D. Wanner, Reading, Pa. “Use of Electric Pumping Machinery for Water Works.” J. M. Goodell, C. E., Brooklyn. N. Y. “ Determination of the Loss in Pressure, by Water passing through Check valves, under various conditions.” John Knickerbacker, mechanical engineer, Troy, N. Y. “ Our Experience with Water Meters.” Jno. B. Heim, superintendent water works, Madison, Wis. “ Water Works and their Management. ’ L W. Case superintendent and secretary water works, Detroit, Mich. “ The Right to take Water from Streams and Lakes for…

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