Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

CAMDEN, N. Y. The Fire Department, according to Chief Elfreth, has a force of 44 permanent and four call men, an increase o nine during the year. Discipline is still maintained at its usual efficiency. One man died and two resigned. The department has 8,000 feet of hose, an increase of 1,600 during the year, and 1,000 feet more is needed. There is 8,200 feet in use which has been in service sometime and is very defective. There is now in service four steamers, three hose carts with 800 feet each, one double hitch hose carriage, carrying 1,000 feet, one aerial truck; in reserve there is one steamer, one single hitch carriage and one ladder truck, all in good condition. There are twenty horses in use in the department, an increase of two. The alarm system has worked satisfactorily during the year but more boxes are needed. The department responded…

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