Issue 20 and Volume 1895 16.

PHILADELPHIA’S WATER SUPPLY. John C. Trautwine, retiring president of the Engineer’s club of Philadelphia, made some Interesting allusions to Philadelphia’s water supply, in his annual address. Extracts are given herewith. They are specially valuable now, considering the discussion for purifying the supply which has been agitating the city for weeks. The year just past has been one of great activity for the bureau of water and for its chief, John L. Ogden. Its principal work during the year was that on the now notorious Queen Lane reservoir, the two basins of which cover an area of sixty acres and have a capacity of 850,000,000 gallons. The reservoir was begun Oct. 10, 1802, and completed in November, 1804. Water was pumped in Nov. 29, 1894, as a protection against frost. September 10th, William J. Andrews, sub-contractor, charged that portions of the work and material furnished were not up to the standard…

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