Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

IRON CURTAINS. Frederick Marker, a member of the Philadelphia Fire Department, sends FIRE AND WATER the following interesting item from the Public Ledger of Dec. 81, 1867; In this morning’s Ledger you refer to the schemes in London to provide for the safety of the audience in case of fire in a theatre. The two plans which arc needed are these: The supply of a large quantity of water above the scenery, so that when the fire begins the water may be let out Secondly, a large iron curtain, to be dropped in order that the fire may not pass from the rear to the front of the building till the audience can leave the house. And you mention that the experiment of the iron curtain has been tried in a Scotch theatre. The paragraph has an interest for all “ theatre-goers,” but the plans proposed are certainly not new.…

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