Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

WANTS TO BE CLEAN. Brunswick, Me., wants to be clean, but is working against heavy odds. The trouble appears to be that Brunswick has too much sand and no down hill. People who have inspected the work of excavating for the system of sewers have been greatly impressed at beholding trenches eigh -teen to twenty-one feet deep, with men shoveling from platform to platform therein and steam pumps constantly in operation in order to keep the water from filling the excavation. All this extensive work has beeu rendered necessary by the fact that the sewer pipes must be located deep in the earth at certain places in order to assure a slope. Also on account of the sandy, porous nature of the soil, water perolates freely from the river and surface and is always found at a distance of six feet below the surface. From the centre of the village…

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