Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

MADISON, WIS., WATER WORKS. Madison, is a beautiful city of 16,000 people and has an excellent water works constructed in 1881-82. The pumping station is 168 x 246 feet and the water is drawn from a battery of ten artesian wells and the system is direct pressure. The pumping machinery consists of two Corliss engines with Knowles pumps, with capacities of 1,500,000 gallons respectively. There are now 1,850 takers, 960 metres and the general meter system is being gradually adopted. The city furnishes meters free as a part of the system and carries the service connection from main to curbstone free, with exception of a $2 fee for a permit. Mains are from four to sixteen inch and an air chamber is connected with the sixteen-inch main. There is a storage basin for fire purposes havinga capacity of 198,000 gallons. The city does its own tapping and uses the Matthews…

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