Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

THE GATE CITY OF THE SOUTH. IN a hasty glance over the past ten years one sees an immense change in the industrial conditions of the South, a development of natural resources unparalleled in human history, a disposition to seize every opportunity of attracting capital and desirable residents which point to a glorious future. No similiar area on earth has such wonderlful variety of resources and such delightful climate. Even the great West cannot equal it because there the soil is practically the only resource, while the South has inexhaustible mines of coal, iron and other valuable metals, untold quantities Jof valuable timber, a soil and climate unsurpassed for the growth of every known temperate and sub tropical product. It is the one region of America which combines the beauty and grandeur of the mountain countries with the fertility of the prairies and the mineral and other resources of the…

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