Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

MAPPING ARTESIAN WELLS. The work of examining and mapping the water sources of the United States, with especial reference to the artesian wells of the western states, is being carried on steadily under charge of F. H. Newell of the geological survey. Nr. Newell is now preparing a summary of the more recent work, which will soon be ready for publication. California stands at the head of the artesian well states, having about one-half of all those in thecountiy inside her borders. Utah and Colorado come next, followed at along distance by Texas and other states. Artesian well boring is of comparatively recent origin, few wells being more than a dozen years old. Since 1884 attempts to find flowing water have been made all over the West, but have been successful only in limited areas, although wells that furnish an important supply which can be pumped out by means of…

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