Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

ANDOVER, MASS. The water commissioners report that fifty-four applications were received during the year, making a total to date of 677. The water takers in the last report numbered 828, which had increased in January of this year to 876. Re ceived from water rates $8,378, more than $700 in excess of the receipts for the previous year. The operating expenses were $4,581, compared with $3,867 for the previous year. Total receipts were $11,899. There are 237 meters in use divided as follows: Crown, 93; Metropolitan, 4; Thomson, 75; Hersey, 23; Gem, 1; Nash, 38; Union Rotary, 1; Neptune, 2. The town is using an average of 325,000 gallons a day and often as high as 600,000 gallons. The superinten dent, John E. Smith, recommends improvements in the pumping station to increase its efficiency.

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