Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

WELLESLEY, MASS. The report of the water commissioners shows total receipts of $37,083 and expenditures of $28,488 leaving on hand a balance of $8,650. There were 67,984,480 gallons pumped and a total of 261,778 pounds of coal consumed. The average daily consumption was 186,0117 gallons, which shows a steady reduction since 1890, when it was 255,418. The monthly average for 1894 was 5,060,290 gallons. The cost of the works to Jan. 1st, 1895, was $229,090, an increase of $14,416 during the year. There are now in use twenty-five miles of pipe, an increase of 4,796 feet during the year. The water takers number 647, an increase of thirty.seven during the year. There were added twentytwo meters, making a total of 588, of which 583 are domestic and five manuacturing. The Pillsbury syndicate at Minneapolis, Minn., has begun work on the immense dam which has been contemplated for years. It will…

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