Issue 21 and Volume 1895 16.

OUR ADVERTISERS. STRAIGHT READING REGISTER. The National Meter company has put upon the market a straight reading register so constructed that the figures, which are engraved on the different wheels, appear right in a line. Any child who understands figures will thus be able to read the register without the slightest trouble. No nrevious instructions will be required, and nothing could be simpler. All water departments fully realize the value of a reliable and simple register. Disputed water bills will be a thing of the past. as it will be impossible to make an error in taking the reading. The company has incurred great expense in putting the meter on the market, but the increased sales justify the expectation of abundant business* The company thinks that as soon sis the register is in general service its merits will be fully appreciated. It has been fully tested for accuracy and durability…

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