Issue 22 and Volume 1895 16.

LONDON, ENG. In the Metropolitan Fire Brigade there are fifty seven lane fire engine stations, four floating or river stations, fifty-six hose cart stations, seven hose and ladder truck stations, 200 fire escape stations, nine steam fire engines on barges, fifty-one land steam fire engines, seventy-eight sixinch manual fire engines, seventeen under six inches, one hose tender and escape, nine hose and ladder trucks, 116 hose carts and reels, thirty-five miles of hose, eight steam tugs, thirteen barges, twelve skiffs, 225 fire escapes, seven long fire ladders, nine ladder vans, two trucks with ladders, two trolleys for engines, twelve hose and coal vans, six traps for visiting, one store van, five wagons for street duties, ten street stations, 148 watch boxes, 791 firemen— including chief officer, second officer, superintendents, and all ranks, being one man short—twenty men under instruction, sixteen pilots, seventy-five coachmen, 137 horses, eighty-one telephone lines between fire…

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