Issue 23 and Volume 1895 16.

FIRE NEWS The Ballentine Brewery company’s malt house, the porter brewery, and some minor buildings were burned at Newark, N. J., June 4, causing a loss of $250,000. The fire is supposed to have been caused by the overheating of malt in the pans. It was thought at first that the fire could be easily controlled, but it soon spread beyond the efforts of the one or two companies to handle, and a general alarm was turned in, calling out the city’s entire department. A high wind interfered with the firemen and prevented effective work. The firm was offered $9,000,000 for the plant a few years ago, but declined to sell, and improvements have been made since, so that the loss is heavy. The loss includes not only the buildings, malt and other material stowed therein, but also the large vats full of ale and porter maturing for the fall…

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