Issue 23 and Volume 1895 16.

WATER SUPPLY AND PIPE DISTRIBUTION. (Continued from last week.) PIPE DIAGRAM. An accurate diagram of the pipe system of the city, showing the size and location of mains and hydrants, with stop-valves and gates should be in the hands of the fire department chief and the local board of fire underwriters. In most cities and towns throughout the country to-day, the only diagram of this kind is in the office of the waterworks, or, worse still, in the possession of some private individual, whose selfish pride in the exclusive possession of it is such that the important secret is likely to die with him. The writer has found this latter condition to exisk strange as it may seem, in more towns than one. In aa important western city, not even the waterworks company knew the location or sizes of the street mains, and the individual who alone possessed the information…

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