Issue 26 and Volume 1895 17.

DISCUSSING WATERWORKS. The American Society of Civil Engineers concluded a very interesting and successful convention in Poston first week. There were about 200 delegates present; for Boston can always contribute nearly that number and the proceedings were conducted with much ability and the discussions were general. On Thursday Desmond Fitzgerald read a paper on “The Temperature of Lakes” It was discussed by K. P. Storms, chief engineer of the state board of health, and others, Mr. Stearns dwelt on the changes which are constantly going on in reservoirs, all of which have a tendency to make the water impure. This state of affairs seemed to emphasize the necessity of providing for outflows of different altitudes from the reservoirs. The next paper wits read by J. Waldo Smith of Montclair, N. J.,on “Experiments on the discharge of a thirtyinch Stop Valve.” Dexter Brackett of Boston, followed with the reading of a…

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