Issue 26 and Volume 1895 17.

OUR EXPERIENCE WITH WATER METERS. THE question of selling water by measurement has taken rapid strides within the last few years, but is, as yet in its in fancy. The plan still prevailing in most cities is to connect meters only with the services of large consumers, manufactories, etc., in order to check the waste. The advocates of that plan, however, lose sight of the fact that the waste is really larger on the domestic services, taken as a whole, than on those of the larger concerns. But, in the opinion of the public, everything, as a rule, should be as free as air, especially a water supply through a system of water works. By reason of this popular prejudice, the inauguration of the meter system is always met with disfavor. The adoption of the meter system, in the case of a private company, means a great hardship, and, in…

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