Issue 1 and Volume 1895 18.

MILWAUKEE’S NEW WATERTUNNEL. In a very few days the great engineering undertaking known as the intake tunnel for Milwaukee, Wis., will be completed, after three years of work, an expenditure of $575,000, and the sacrifice of a number of human lives. Only thirty-two feet of excavating remains to be done and about sixty feet of brick work. The tunnel is seven and a half feet in diameter, being cylindrical in shnpe, like an immense water pipe. Beginning almut 100 feet back from the line of the water’s edge, 180 feet below the lake level, it runs out under tbe bed of the lake horizontally for a distance of 1400 feet. It was the original Intention to have the tunnel run on a level at that depth for the entire distance to the crib shaft; but when the excavation had been made to a distance of nearly 1000 feet from the…

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