Issue 1 and Volume 1895 18.

WORCESTER FIREMEN KILLED. At Worcester, Mass., Sunday morning, during a fire in a rag shop, the burning building collapsed while members of Hose Nos. 4 and 9, and Engine No. 1 companies were on the third floor. Lieutenant John J. Boyle and hoseman William F. Brigham of Hose company. No. 4, were killed by suffocation while buried in the debris. Nine others were injured. Boyle was 86 years old, unmarried, and intended resigning from the department in September. Brigham was a call member and leaves a wife and three small children. The fire at the time was practically out, and the men were overhauling the bags of rags and mattress fiber looking for stray sparks. The building collapsed with the heavy weight on the third floor. The owner considered it safe; but the stock on that floor was unusually large, and being soaked with tons of water, the timbers gave…

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