Issue 1 and Volume 1895 18.

SEATTLE’S WATER SUPPLY. The project for the development of the power of Cedar river falls for supplying Seattle, Wash., with the pure water of that stream by a gravity system has progressed so far that E. H. Ammidown and F. H. Osgood, representing the company which has the undertaking in hand, announces to the fire and water committee of the city council that they are ready to enter into a contract to deliver to the city so many millions of gallons of water independent of the methods of construction of a plant, or to deliver water through a system built under plans furnished by the city engineer. The proposition seems to meet with favor from the committee, and City Engineer Thomson was Instructed to prepare details as to the present system and the system proposed. When such a statement shall have been submitted, the eommltteo will report to the council,…

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