Issue 1 and Volume 1895 18.

WATER SUPPLY The Marion Water company has been organized at Portland, Me., for the purpose of purchasing and operating water works, gas and electric works in Marion, Ohio. Capial stock $250,000. At Middletown, Conn., Hubbard Hose company No. 2, left their house one night for a practice run. They took their cart to the residence of Prof. North Rice, and attaching the hose to a hydrant in front of Observatory Hall, carried it on a ladder to the roof of the building. When water was turned on there was not sufficient pressure to throw it out of the hose. Prof. Rice remarked to the firemen that if a fire ever broke out in his residence no other course to pursue than to sit on watch the blaze. Other property is equally without adequate fire protection. The council of Andrews, Ind., had a well bored in the heart of the town…

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