Issue 2 and Volume 1895 18.

WELLS At Cumberland, Wis., the water works system has been completed. The well which furnishes the water supply is nearly 700 feet deep, 300 feet of the distance being through solid rock. It is eight inches in diameter, and yields 400 gallons per minute. The water tank is 120 feet high, and has a capacity of 70,000 gallons. The water is of excellent quality and gives great satisfaction. The plant cost about $13,000. Bordentown, N. J., will shortly supply its citizens with water from artesian wells. The Lewisville Water company, Texas, js about to. put in an artesian well with a 20,000 gallons tank, to he erected fifty feet high, windmill and dump, together with suitable mains and to furnish the business part of Lewisville with a splendid system of water works.

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